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Learning Cabinets from “The Master”

Henri Menendez shares his knowledge of cabinet finishing on his own and as part of "The Faux Team."

Five Reasons to Take an In-Person Class

The best education doesn’t come from a computer or TV screen. It comes from taking an in-person class.

How Important Is a Vacation to Your Creativity?

If summer is slipping away from you without an opportunity to enjoy some time off, Mike and Mickie Cooper have some advice for you: Take a break! It can be good for your creativity...and your business.

ArtFusion Looks to Build on Success of Inaugural Event

ArtFusion's 2015 debut in Santa Fe, N.M., was a great success. Now event organizers look to build on this initial success with a bigger and better event in Estes Park, Colo., scheduled for Oct. 26-Oct. 29.


Procrastinate? Who, Me?

Mike describes a common shortcoming that many creative people share: lack of attention to business matters. It can lead to procrastination in such areas as business management and...ahem...article deadlines, but fortunately Mike has his Mickie to help keep him organized! His advice? Make sure you find yourself a Mickie as well.

10 Interesting Stops in the Faux Blogosphere

Faux industry blogs are a great source of advice, tips, information and inspiration for decorative painters. This article provides descriptions of 10 of them.

Something Old, Something New

IDAL’s convention Sept. 25 through 29—in collaboration with the Concrete Décor Show—will build on the traditions of the past with some fresh ideas.

Paint Decor Expo/Concrete Decor Show Details

This September, IDAL's Paint Décor Expo will combine for the first time ever with the Concrete Décor Show. Here are the salient details.

Jesse Ganteaume Hits His Stride 
Jesse Ganteaume was just starting to establish himself as a professional decorative artist when the housing crisis hit. Fortunately, he proved to have the creativity, adaptability and resilience to create a thriving business.

Finding Work Through Cosplay

Decorative artists are always looking for new opportunities, new niches and new ways to ply their craft. Jesse Ganteaume, who has developed a successful decorative painting business in northern Virginia, found such an opportunity by delving into the world of cosplay.

Rik Lazenby Looks Forward to a Bright Future for IDAL

IDAL Vice President Rik Lazenby of Lazenby’s Decorative Arts Studio Inc. in Birmingham, Ala., has been thinking a lot these days about the future growth of the organization he will soon lead.

A Passion for Art

Rik Lazenby has built several successful careers, including his latest as a decorative artist, based on his lifelong love of art.

Sandra Gonzalez Brings French Charm to a Kitchen

Decorative artist Sandra Gonzalez transforms a kitchen with finishes for the walls, cabinetry and a custom-made island.

The Stencil Library Highlights Stencils' Enduring Appeal

Any misguided notion that stencils are passé or old-fashioned can quickly be dispelled by a trip to the library—The Stencil Library, that is.


What is a Picture Worth?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Pinterest has a lot to say and a lot of followers saying it.

Keeping It Real with “Mr. Faux”

Chris Burke, aka Mr. Faux, is a Washington, D.C., area artist who has taken his faux-painting skills over the last two-and-a-half decades from the simple to the sublime.

A Look Back at Four Decades of “Fox”, Faux Finishing

Over the past four decades, we’ve seen the industry evolve in ways that were necessary for its survival and in ways that demonstrate the bottomless well of creativity that decorative artisans possess.

Old World Attention to Detail

Faux artist Natalie E. Tackett brings European antiquity to a home in Tennessee.

The Elusive Perfect Client

Let's face it. The perfect client is hard for find. Mike and Mickie Cooper give you tips for how to handle a more likely individual you're liable to encounter: difficult clients who think that plans were meant to be changed.

March 2016: Article Menu

Happy March! In this month's Focus on Faux, read about one artist's connection with nature, the business value of Twitter, the edgy and innovative Metropolis product line, business opportunities with cabinetry, and advice from Mike & Mickie on how to prepare for an out-of-town project.

Your Next Big Thing: Could It Be Cabinets?

Do you think you might be in a good position to make money with cabinet refinishing but have steered clear because the idea of using a sprayer makes you shudder? Well, decorative finisher Ande Crenshaw has a message for you: Come on in! The market is fine!

Metropolis Brings the Best of Europe to the U.S.

European technology meets American ingenuity with Metropolis Paints for Lifestyle by Ivas, a line of eco-friendly, water-based and solvent-free products that epitomize the highest standard of Italian interior decoration.

Should You Be Tweeting? Here’s What the Twitter is About

Launched 2½ years after Facebook, Twitter has grown so popular in the last 10 years that it has become part of the culture’s nomenclature. Should you, too, be tweeting?

How to Get Ready for an Out-of-Town Job

In this month's column, the power duo of Mike and Mickie Cooper of Murals & More LLC in Franklin, Tenn., share some insights on how to prepare for a project that is away from home.

An Artist's Connection to Nature

Art. Beauty. Nature. Those are three interconnected words that have great meaning in the life and work of J. Paloma Glass, co-founder of Olde World Artisans in San Diego.

Bringing a New Glaze to Market

Artist Sandra Gonzalez has created a high-performance glaze with superior open time, priced so that decorative artisans can keep more money in their pockets.

Industry Businesses See Reason for Optimism

As we continue to recover from the dual whammies of the subprime mortgage crisis and the financial market meltdown that disrupted our economy for the better part of a decade, there is greater cause for optimism among those who make their livelihood in the realm of decorative arts and faux finishing.

YouTube: Perfect for Faux Finishers

Posting videos on YouTube may seem a daunting task, but more and more businesses are doing it. Here are some tips to help you navigate these scary but very popular waters!

8 Tips for Growing Your Decorative Painting Business

In this month's column, the power duo of Mike and Mickie Cooper of Murals & More LLC in Franklin, Tenn., share eight tried-and-true steps you can take to get your business moving in a positive direction.

Murals of Light

Mozelle Spencer’s murals bring comfort to children at Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center in Everett, Wash., and serve as a backdrop on their way to healing.