Rescue and Resurface Your Outdated Countertops with Painted Paper Countertops

Painted Paper Countertops transform tired, worn countertops at a fraction of
the cost of quartz or granite.

By Diane Capuano Franklin

If you want beautiful new countertops but can’t afford to buy quartz or granite, consider a product that provides the same designer look at just one-tenth the cost: Painted Paper Countertops.

Paper, you say? How on earth can paper provide the strength, durability and mar resistance of a solid substance like quartz or granite?

In actuality, durability is a major attribute of this product offered by Rescue and Resurface Painted Paper Countertops. In this patent-pending system, small pieces of hand-painted paper are applied in a random, slightly overlapping pattern to create a beautiful stone-like appearance, giving new life to a worn and outdated countertop.

“With Painted Paper Countertops, you have the ability to take an ugly, outdated laminate countertop and turn it into something beautiful,” says Kelly S. King, president of Rescue & Resurface. “It has the appearance of granite or stone but with a unique look all of its own.”


Distinctive Beauty in a DIY Product

Painted Paper Countertops can be accomplished without the use of an installer in just four easy steps (as shown in the above video):

  1. Lightly sand and thoroughly clean the countertop surface.
  2. Prime it with the bond coat provided in the Painted Paper Countertops kit.
  3. Tear and paste the paper in a random pattern to the prepared countertop surface with the provided adhesive provided.
  4. Use two coats of the user-friendly, easy-to-apply topcoat to seal the surface.

“We call it ‘do-it-yourself friendly and designer beautiful,’ ” reports King. “It’s simply amazing to see what this paper can do for a kitchen countertop, and even beyond kitchen countertops. It also works well for backsplashes, tabletops and furniture pieces.”

Painted Paper Countertops come in two distinct collections featuring the hottest trending colors in the kitchen industry. The Marble & Stone collection comes in a total of 13 colors, while Metal and Metallics is offered in 12 colors.

The product is sold in kits covering 32 square feet (for $349) or 10 square feet (for $179.99). There is also a 10-square-foot kit for furniture that does not require the same strong topcoat needed for countertops (for $139.99). In addition to the paper, each kit includes the black bonding primer basecoat, the paper adhesive and the sealer topcoat as well as access to the how-to video with step-by-step installation instructions. Additional painted paper is sold in 10-square-foot add-on packs for $54.99. The bond coat, adhesive and topcoat also can be purchased separately.

For those who would rather not “do-it-yourself,” Rescue and Resurface is establishing a network of installers. Even with the price of installation added in, King reports that Painted Paper Countertops is still just a fraction of the cost of granite or quartz, which typically can cost upwards of $3,400 for a 32-square-foot surface after adding in the costs of tear-out, sink cut-outs and edging, which is not needed for Painted Paper Countertops.

“But the real beauty of this is that it’s a DIY countertop refinishing system and you do not need a professional installer,” King says.

Painted Paper Countertops also can be used for other surfaces such as tabletops.

Chemistry Creates Durability

The chemistry of the bonding coat, paste and topcoat create a strong, durable surface that has been tested to stand up to the wear and tear that kitchen countertops typically have to endure.

Stain resistance is a major feature, as verified by testing of food products left to sit on the newly installed countertops for up to 24 hours. “We did strong testing on the topcoat of various items—ketchup, hot sauce, wine—and everything passed with flying colors, leaving no stains on the surface,” King reports. “So, it truly is impervious. The one exception is mustard, which is a very strong product that can lead to discoloration if it’s left to sit on the counter for an extended period of time, but that discoloration can be prevented if cleaned off immediately. Our testing proved that overall it’s a very durable, stain- and mar-resistant surface. You don’t want to cut directly on it or put hot pans on it, even though it is rated to stand a lot of heat. It’s a very durable product, but we recommend that you care for it as you would any other countertop.”

And in the unlikely event that the surface does get damaged or stained, the damaged section can be easily replaced. King himself tested the product’s touchup ability by taking a putty knife and a hammeår to create a deep gouge in the surface. He filled in the area that was gouged, rough-sanded it, applied another piece of paper and covered it with the touchup topcoat. “We invited several designers, homeowners and friends to look at the countertop and find the spot that we touched up, and no one was able to find it,” King says. “That’s certainly something you can’t do with Formica.”

Given how durable the product is, Rescue and Resurface is in the process of creating a floor collection using the same torn hand-painted paper effect. The company has already tested the product, and King reports, “It’s just unbelievable how it can transform a floor.”

The Key: Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to both the countertop and the soon-to-be-introduced floor systems. “We’ve had customers with no experience whatsoever, and they’ve created these amazing countertops. It’s very easy to apply. Everything comes ready to use, and the video tells the story very well.”

While the video does an amazing job of showcasing the various colors in the Painted Paper Countertops lineup, Kelly observes that you have to see it in an actual kitchen to appreciate the full impact of this strikingly beautiful product. “It will blow your mind when you see the end result.”

Those interested in purchasing Painted Paper Countertops for a project can call Rescue and Resurface at (844) 727-3748 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Additional information is available at the Rescue and Resurface website.

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