Project collage featuring Pearlas Velvet

Metallic Suede Made Easy

Meoded Paints and Decoration takes the work out of creating painted brushed-suede looks with a new product line that offers one extra benefit: the shimmer of a metallic finish.

Pearlas Velvet™ paint is a low-VOC, eco-friendly coating with metallic pigments and fine resins that give the coating a pearlescent appearance with the feel of soft, rich texture. Applied in crosshatch strokes, the paint appears to change color depending on which way the brush stroke is applied.

Pearlas Velvet is designed to be applied over existing interior walls or newly prepared drywall.

To prepare the surface:

  • Walls should be clean and free of all imperfections.
  • They also must be extremely smooth to achieve the intended finish.
  • Next apply Velvet Undercoat, which is necessary to absorb into the surface to create the desired effect.
  • For new drywall, walls first should be first with a drywall sealer primer. Then apply an even coat of Velvet Base and let dry four to six hours.

To apply the coating:

  • Pearlas Velvet should be applied in two thin coats with a trowel.
  • Variation of trowel strokes is recommended to achieve an organic look and to produce a look of shimmering velvet.
  • One coat should be applied and let dry for at least one hour before applying the second coat.
  • With the trowel, use varied movements; then use a clean trowel to achieve desired movement throughout the finish. These variations in applications will produce matted and rich metallic reflections.

Pearlas Velvet is available in white, silver, bronze, gold and red bases, from which custom colors can be created using universal colorants. Coverage is 50 to 65 square feet, with two coats per quart, depending on the surface and texture. The retail price is $47.70 for one quart; $192.40 for a gallon. 

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