Cottage Paint
Cottage Paint is a clay-based/chalk/mineral painting system that allows you to do furniture distressing the easy way.

Cottage Paint, which is self-priming and offered in a range of colors, is unique in the category of shabby chic paint. The paint requires no sanding, priming or stripping—just apply to a clean surface. It dries to a silky matte finish, remaining porous and easy to sand or wet-distress as soon as it is dry by using a damp cloth or fine sandpaper.

New in the line is Serenity, a high-end self-priming paint for furniture that is more chic than shabby. It is ideal for repainting kitchen cupboards leaving a smooth hard-wearing surface over melamine and wood.

Serenity comes in 50 basic colors of Cottage Paint, but paint stores can provide you with unlimited custom colors. These paints come with a complete range of accessories and sealers as well as texturing and transfer mediums, giving you the convenience of one-stop shopping. Additional information is available at


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