Master Fresco Painter's New DVD Set

A byzantine fresco installation (example of a true "buon" fresco) by iLia
Hollywood, Calif., 2011

iLia Anossov has created fresco paintings for some of the world’s most fabulous residences as well as for such prestigious events as the Governor’s Ball held in conjunction with the Academy Awards®. Now this renowned master of fresco painting is sharing his vast knowledge about the foundational principles and techniques of buon fresco in a comprehensive series of educational videos.

“Buon fresco” is the Italian term for true fresco painting. The five-DVD set, entitled “Buon Fresco Foundations,” provides students with a comprehensive education in the principles and techniques of this classic art form. Five years in the making, the DVDs guide the student through the following topics:

  • Volume 1: Preparation and Application of Fresco Plaster
  • Volume 2: Preparation and Use of Fresco Cartoon
  • Volume 3: Selecting Pigments and Preparation of Fresco Paint
  • Volume 4: Verdaccio Underpainting
  • Volume 5: True (Buon) Fresco Painting Color.

Anossov offers real-time instruction as well as clear and thorough demonstrations of each principle and technique discussed. The DVDs draw on Anossov’s 30 years of experience as a professional fresco painter and 20 years as an instructor. His Fresco School, established in 1992 in Los Angeles, has attracted hundreds of students from both the United States and abroad.

The "Buon Fresco Foundations" DVDs are an excellent way for students to gain a comprehensive education in the foundations of buon fresco painting. The DVD format gives students the option of rewinding and re-watching the material as often as they like. “Once students have the foundations down, they can work on style at their own studio or attend our advanced classes that will allow them to take their fresco painting to the next level,” Anossov explains. (For ordering information, visit the link.)

While the DVDs are the perfect solution for those who need an economical and time-efficient alternative to traveling to workshop classes, Anossov observed that some students prefer the more personal attention and interaction that the classes at the Fresco School provide.

iLia Anossov shares his vast knowledge of "buon fresco" in a five-DVD set.

In addition to classes at the school’s Los Angeles location and the Getty Villa Museum in Malibu, Anossov has taken his educational programs on the road with multi-day workshops. He recently conducted a class at the 2013 International Decorative Artisans League convention and tradeshow, held in Indianapolis. Students who attend a Fresco School workshop will leave with a complete 16-by-16 fresco painting that they create in class. Classes are offered throughout the calendar year. Click here to learn more about upcoming classes (including an incredible deal on an end-of-year class.).

Fresco painting is an ancient art that dates back centuries and spans many cultures. Anossov reports that there are examples of fresco painting in historic Inca, Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Fresco also has stood the test of time at the ancient Egyptian pyramids and there also are examples of ancient fresco work elsewhere in Africa as well as in China and India.

iLia Anossov has been a fresco painter for 30 years and an instructor for
20 years.

In modern times, fresco painting continues to be widely popular. Not only is true fresco beautiful but it also is a pure and natural medium with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). “Every country on earth uses fresco,” Anossov reports.

While other forms of decorative finishes have diminished in use during the recent economic slowdown, fresco actually gained in popularity. Fresco is primarily used in upscale commercial and residential applications and thus was virtually immune from the economic downturn.

As Anossov notes, “The economic problem put a damper on a number of things, but it didn’t have much effect on fresco. The material for creating fresco is not very expensive, but what makes it more expensive is that not many people know how to do it.” For that reason, Anossov explains, decorative artisans who expand into the world of fresco painting can set themselves apart and gain a whole new level of clientele.

In his own illustrious career, Anossov has done fresco work for many prestigious clients. He has provided frescos on three occasions for the Governor’s Ball that is held in conjunction with the Academy Awards®.  His most extensive work was completed for the 76th Annual Academy Awards, for which he produced more than 30,000 square feet of hand-painted fabric. He also has done work for the Screen Actor Guild Awards, the Emmy Awards and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.  He has done work for Caesar’s Place in Las Vegas, the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles and the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Students leave Fresco School classes with a 16-by-16 fresco sample.

In addition, Anossov’s fresco creations adorn some of the most prestigious private homes in America and elsewhere. His work has graced the pages of Architectural Digest (U.S., Italian and German editions), House and Garden UK and California Style and also has been spotted in such prominent publications as People magazine, Hollywood Life and The Wall Street Journal. To see examples of his commissioned work, visit his website.


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