Carey Jacobs

Jacobs Advocates a Balanced Approach to Pattern & Design

When considering the use of pattern on a wall, remember: It's all about balance, says interior designer Carey Jacobs of York Wallcoverings.

Pattern on the wall? No pattern on the wall? In interior designer Carey Jacobs estimation, a well-designed home will have both.

"In the '80s and early '90s, it was not uncommon to see an entire house wallpapered with bold patterns," says Jacobs, Director of Retail Operations for York Wallcoverings, "Then the pendulum swung to the opposite extreme, and the trend was no paper and only paint.  Today there is a better balance.  It's all about layering and choosing the areas you want to highlight."

This balanced approach is better than the absence of pattern altogether or, conversely, the overuse of pattern that provides visual overload.  "Bold pattern next to bold pattern can be too much for the eye," Jacobs states. Her recommendation: "Pair a bold pattern with a texture or a grasscloth to provide the visual relief your eye needs. Transition areas are important."

With the wealth of wallpaper on the market, Jacobs affirms that there are many choices available to suit the homeowner’s personality  perfectly—whether the consumer is looking to create a traditional setting or a contemporary one, something bold or something subdued.

"People are looking to personalize their homes and express their personality through their decorating choices," Jacobs enthuses. "Paper offers so many choices."

With consumers rediscovering the transformative power of pattern on the wall, Jacobs sees this as an exciting time for wallpaper. "The clear trend is that people are using wallpaper.  There are no rules, and people are having fun experimenting with scale, texture and pattern."

Jacobs' appreciation of wallpaper was preordained when her father purchased York Wallcoverings and turned a failing enterprise into a successful and influential company. She grew up loving wallpaper and interior design, so after earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History and Communication, she naturally gravitated toward the family business.

Over the next decade and a half, her experience at York Wallcoverings ran the gamut, from organizing sample rooms and compiling pattern survey boards to participating in national marketing efforts and designing wallpaper collections in close collaboration with the design studio’s artists.

Coupling her design expertise with her family entrepreneurial spirit, Jacobs launched Carey Lind Designs in 2007. Over the last four years, she has brought her appreciation of traditional design, her penchant for innovative solutions and her great eye for layering pattern and color to a diverse clientele.

On top of that, Jacobs is the mother of twins, Finn and Lexie, who are a source of inspiration as she fulfills her passion for turning interior spaces into personal havens that people love.

See below and subsequent pages for examples of Jacobs' work.

Pictured: Carey Jacobs' home showcases her passion for wallcoverings. Here, this large
floral trail in blue and green on a white ground (VL9017) is from "Taramia" by Antonina
Vella Designs. $69 per single roll,
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