This Como curved chest of drawers from Turri NYC has 24
inlaid veneers based on a classical Italian design.

Tips from Turri NYC to Identify Quality Furniture


Quality equals value, an investment that will appreciate over time. How do you determine a quality piece when shopping for furniture? Gleb Belyaev of Turri NYC, the New York-area arm of the fourth-generation Italian furniture company based in Como, Italy, offers some tips.


Turri NYC's Como chairs with inlaid veneers and a modern silver
gilt are upholstered in a teal velvet stripe, one of more than 100
fabric options available. More than 50 leathers also are available.

Quality upside down/right side up/inside out: Look at the back side of the furniture, the underside and inside the drawers. Do you see high-quality wood or plywood? Plywood implies the piece was not made to the highest standards. Items made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), an engineered wood product comprising wood fibers combined with wax and a resin that is usually denser than plywood, are also generally of low quality and not durable. All Turri furniture is made from solid wood frames.

Many drawers of top-quality pieces have suede or leather lining. If you can, examine how the drawers are put together. Dovetail joinery, an age-old craftsmanship technique where the fingers of wood are joined together by diagonal cuts, ensures the drawers won't come apart and requires skill and precision to create.

Seamless to the eye and smooth to the touch: Veneers should not only be elegant and pleasing in design, they should be smooth to the touch as a result of hand-sanding. They also should be perfectly aligned.

Perfect alignment shows the investment producers make in a piece. It requires that they purchase more veneer—for example, 10 square feet of veneer for a 4 square-foot design. Turri staff in Como is dedicated to applying veneers with artistic techniques that have passed down through the generations.

A lasting finish: To provide visual depth to lacquer, it must be applied four to 12 times and hand-polished in-between the layers. This gives visual depth to the design, with the light reflecting off all the layers. 

This Peninsula chest of drawers from Turri NYC
has a wooden structure, hand-decorated finish
with an ivory briar effect, smooth drawer glides,
leather lining and customization options.

Details matter: A beautiful piece of furniture will look as good far away as it does close up. The hardware, carvings and metallic finishes will all resonate with high-level craftsmanship. Small imperfections in the hand carving and layered metallic finishes aren't signs of poor quality but of a piece that has felt the touch of human hands.

21st-century ease and comfort: Not all high-quality furniture relies solely on age-old craftsmanship. Some aspects, such as smooth, quiet drawer glides, comfortable seating and fine fabrics that incorporate the latest innovations and designs, are modern phenomenons. Turri notes that its furniture unites both tradition and modernity for today's consumers.

The following is a video on Turri furniture with designer Julien Aleksandres:


For more information about Turri NYC and to set up an appointment to view the collection, visit,
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (917) 941-1408.

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