Spiral Cone Legs benches work in many applications—as a coffee table, at the end of the bed, in an
entryway or in a corner nook, as shown here.

New Spiral Cone Legs Furniture Line

Lance and Silvia Stephenson, the husband-and-wife duo behind Spiral Cone Legs, have combined their creative talents to offer a new line of mid-century-inspired one-of-a-kind upholstered benches. The benches feature the spiraling cone-shaped legs that are the signature pieces of the Stephensons’ business as well as quality-crafted upholstered seats available in a limited number of colors and patterns that make them truly unique.

Each bench features 16-inch-high Spiral Cone Legs which, like all of the furniture legs offered by the business, are hand-made by Lance and originally designed by Silvia. Lance makes Spiral Cone Legs by forming and then welding 1/4-inch steel round bar into a spiral cone shape and capping it with a 1 1/2-inch solid steel ball. He then sandblasts and powder-coats each leg for long-lasting durability.

Spiral Cone Legs benches are lightweight yet amazingly strong, as shown
here with a 59-inch bench holding more than 1,000 pounds of gravel.

The upholstered seat of the bench is hand-fabricated by Silvia, who introduces only a handful of stylish fabrics at any given time. More than a simple wooden slab, the bench seat features a stressed skin panel made from baltic birch plywood—similar in concept to a surfboard but without the fiberglass—that contributes to the low center of gravity. The benches are lightweight but also amazingly strong. Each is able to support more than 1,000 pounds.

Benches are bone-shaped; however, Lance and Silvia will work with interested customers in creating additional shapes as well.

Spiral Cone Leg benches are available at SpiralConeLegs.com and on EtsyAmazon and Houzz. The benches come in three lengths of 36, 47 and 59 inches and currently are available in limited fabric patterns, such as Wavy Chenille, Grey Starburst, Modern Plaid and Primary Line Drawing, as well as solid Grey Tweed. Prices are $400, $425 and $500, depending on size.

An "above" view of a 59-inch bench covered in the Grey Starbust pattern.

Un-upholstered benches also are available, allowing customers to use their own fabrics and workrooms. The cost for un-upholstered benches is $250, $275 and $300, depending on size.

Lance and Silvia launched Spiral Cone Legs five years ago by offering both straight and angled leg sets in a variety of sizes for use with tables, chairs, desks and many other applications. Since then, Spiral Cone Legs have been purchased by customers all over the United States for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

For more information on the full line of Spiral Cone Legs, see the SpiralConeLegs.com website or visit Spiral Cone Legs on Facebook.

Spiral Cone Legs benches come in a variety of mid-century modern-influenced designs,
including Primary Line Drawing, shown here.
A 47-inch Wavy Chenille-patterned bench sets makes a statement
in this mid-century, modern-styled setting.

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