Paintable wallpaper comes in many different styles.
Shown here: Graham & Brown's Curvy.

Paintable Wallpaper: The Best of Both Worlds

Paint or wallpaper? Actually, it doesn’t have to be an “either/or” proposition. With paintable wallpaper, you get the advantages of both products—the customization of choosing your own wall color combined with the pattern, texture and ability to mask surface imperfections that wallpaper provides.

"Graham & Brown has been selling paintable wallpaper for over 25 years, and it is always without question the most popular category of wallpaper we sell throughout the world," states David Klaus, senior marketing manager for Graham & Brown in the United States.

Paintable wallpaper has several attributes that account for its popularity. As Klaus told Your Decorating Resource: "Paintable wallpaper is typically easier to hang than traditional wallpapers as it is thicker and made of vinyl, which means it won’t tear as easily.  It offers a great texture that you can’t get from paint.  It can hide minor imperfections on your wall such as bumps and cracks that paint can’t.  It’s more versatile than other wallpapers since you can paint it any color you desire or leave it white."

Victorian Effect Paintable Wallpaper from
Graham & Brown

Paintable wallpaper comes in a variety of styles, including faux surfaces such as Beadboard, Stucco and Ceiling Tiles. There are also traditional patterns, modern/contemporary and borders.

"Due to the versatility of paintable wallpaper and the variety of design styles, it is used in all rooms in the house and even ceilings," Klaus reports. "Whether you use it on one wall or the entire room is really up to the consumer as with any wallpaper.  The more daring and modern patterns probably are better suited for feature walls.  It can be used for formal or casual settings depending on the pattern and color of paint chosen."

Small Squares Paintable Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

Any standard latex or semi-gloss can be used to paint the wallpaper. Klaus reports that paintable wallpaper is actually easier to hang than traditional wallpaper.

"The vinyl front can be easily peeled off leaving the paper backing behind which is easier to remove," Klaus explains. "We also have some patterns that are non-woven, making it fully strippable."

If you get tired of the color, you can repaint the wallpaper, though Klaus cautions that you will start to lose some of the texture the more you repaint it.

All of Graham & Brown's paintable wallpaper can be at at its website.



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