Samantha Cobos, founder
of PURE Inspired Design

Design That Is Fresh, Modern and PURE

Furnishings That Fit Into 'Green' Lifestyles

By Diane Capuano Franklin

Beautiful home décor products built with the environment in mind—that’s what PURE Inspired Design is all about. For consumers who want to “go green” when decorating their homes, this St. Paul, Minn., company offers them a full range of organic fabrics as well as eco-friendly furniture, rugs, pillows and draperies.

Samantha Cobos, Allied ASID, founded PURE Inspired Design in 2008 as a means of offering fresh, modern home décor products that would fit into a “green” lifestyle. Having launched a successful career as an interior designer in 2000, Cobos had become increasingly interested in offering eco-friendly choices to her clients.

“I started to realize that, while I was making eco-friendly decisions for my family, the same was not always true for my business,” Cobos reports. “That’s when I began studying ‘green design.’ ”

Carmel Accent Chair from PURE Inspired

When she was unable to find many eco-friendly furnishing options for her clients, Cobos became convinced that she should design her own line of home décor products. She began doing research, educating herself about earth-friendly product materials and manufacturing processes.

About that time, she discovered that a friend of hers, a rug designer, was launching her own line of custom wool rugs. “She and I began collaborating, and I also discovered a local furniture maker and a fabric printer who were willing to work with me,” Cobos recalls. “I started to do less interior design and more actual design of products, fabrics and furniture.”

To date, Cobos has introduced three collections of organic fabrics. The first, called PURE Bliss, features 10 modern geometric designs in light, airy shades of aqua, orange and yellow. Next, she introduced PURE Kicks, a collection of 10 geometric and nature-based designs offered in more complex colors such as mustard, turquoise and indigo.

Selections from Pure BLISS

Both PURE Bliss and PURE Kicks are printed on 8-ounce cotton canvas that is grown and woven in the United States. They feature non-toxic, water-based pigments that are perfect for pillows and draperies. Each of this collections feature 10 fabric selections. PURE Bliss has lighter, more summery colors, whereas PURE Kicks favors deeper, richer hues.

Earlier this year, Cobos added a third organic collection, PURE Elements, featuring 15 lively fabrics that combine the beauty of creativity with conservation. While also printed on cotton canvas, PURE Elements features low-impact reactive dyes for deep, rich color that that can be machine-washed without fading. This makes the fabrics appropriate for a whole range of home décor products—not only pillows and draperies but also heavy-use upholstery on sofas and ottomans as well as on placemats, napkins and tablecloths.

Pillows from the PURE Kicks Collection

Because all three PURE organic fabric collections share the same design sensibility and a compatible color palette, they can easily be mixed and matched to give consumers a virtually limitless array of options for their living spaces.

PURE’s eco-friendly furniture include a variety of options for the environmentally conscious consumer, including 40-percent soy-based seat cushions or cushions made from 100-percent natural latex. Soy or latex cushions can have their inner springs wrapped in down and feathers to provide more resilience. Other eco-friendly features of the furniture include water-based glues with no formaldehyde, frames made from solid hardwood that is harvested locally and responsibly, and water-based stain finishes.

Since PURE Inspired Design customizes its products to the customer’s needs, the company can produce a healthier alternative for those who suffer from allergies. “If a customer has an allergy to down, for example, we can substitute the down with organic batting,” Cobos explains. “If someone has an allergy to latex, we can suggest a chair with a soy-based seat cushion.”

An added advantage of PURE Inspired Design is that all of its furniture, fabrics, rugs and window treatments are customizable to meet the specific requirements of its customers. “We don’t carry any inventory,” Cobos says. “Everything is done on demand.”

The clientele of PURE Inspired Design come from literally all over the country. “We have customers from California to New Jersey,” Cobos reports. “If a customer wants to see a sample firsthand, we can send a swatch from our website. Customers can send me a photo of their room, along with the dimensions, and I’ll make sure that it is the right size.”

A detail of a wool rug in the Smock Orange pattern
from PURE Inspired Design

In some instances, Cobos has sent customers 3D drawings of the customized furniture pieces that she is designing. That way, customers can see the potential piece from all angles and become assured that it will work in their space.

In shipping large pieces to their final destination, Cobos sometimes has to get creative. “For a client in San Francisco, I had to design a sectional so that it could be taken apart and transported up a spiral staircase,” Cobos recalls. “I shipped it in three pieces. It was taken up the staircase and then assembled, and you would never know that it had ever been taken apart.”

Cobos has grown her business through the referrals of satisfied customers. She also built relationships with interior designers who recommend her furniture and fabric to their clients.

Additionally, Cobos uses social media to spread the word about her eco-friendly products. She is active on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and she also has a blog that she uses to not only write about her products but also about products from other green-friendly companies.

“My blog is geared toward design and eco-friendly products, anything from soy candles to energy-efficient lighting,” she says. “I post photos of many different types of environmental products, as well as great design inspirations.”

In addition to designing her own home fashion products, Cobos is collaborating with other environmentally conscious companies. “I’ve made a connection with an individual who makes organic dog beds and wants to use my fabrics,” she reports. “Another woman wants to use my fabrics for a line of eco-friendly baby clothing.”

Cobos adds that decorating with eco-friendly home décor products is a natural progression for those who are making eco-friendly choices in other aspects of their lives. “There are many people who are eating organic food and wearing organic clothes. This interest in organic is going to slide into their choices for their home as well.”

For more information about the PURE Inspired Design line, visit the PURE Inspired Design home store.

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