Posture in Style offers a line of furniture that takes your child
from pre-school to high school and beyond.

Ergonomic Furniture Grows With Your Child

A few years ago, Roger Lin began a very important search: to find functional ergonomic furniture that was suitable for his young daughter. She was just 3 1/2 years old at the time, and Lin’s hope was to find a desk and chair that would last throughout her childhood. Of course, this meant that the furniture would need to be adjustable so that it would fit his daughter through the various stages of childhood.

“I didn’t want her sitting in a teenager-size chair, with her feet dangling off the ground, or sitting at a desk that would force her to lean over to draw,” Lin reported.

Despite a protracted search, Lin couldn’t find what he was looking for anywhere in the United States. So, he took matters into his own hands and did something that only the most entrepreneurially minded of people would do. He launched a new company, Posture in Style, the Los Angeles-based distributor for an innovative ergonomic line of German-made furniture made specifically for children. Having purchased the German-manufactured desk and chair for his own daughter, Lin is now making sure that other parents in the United States can find ergonomic choices for their children as well.

The furniture offered by Posture in Style encompasses a complete line of desks, chairs and accessories that are fully adjustable to grow right along with the child. Accessories, such as side tables and drawer units, can be added to accommodate the individual child's needs.

“It can take them all the way from pre-school to high school or even further into adulthood, if they so desire,” Lin explained. “The furniture is adjusted to their size, meaning that their feet will be on the ground and their hands will be resting comfortably on the desktop.”

Lin added that children seated in an ergonomic chair at an ergonomic and tiltable desk are less likely to get fatigued and uncomfortable. This means that they’re more likely to stay at the desk longer, leading to better study habits and potentially better grades.

Parents can add accessories such as side tables and drawer units to fit
the needs of the child.

The ergonomic nature of the furniture is especially important for promoting good posture in young people. Bad posture not only causes pain and discomfort, but it can even lead to such negative long-term effects as bone spurs, intervertebral disc damage and chronic back pain.

The furniture is manufactured by innovative German manufacturer moll Funktionsmöbel GmbH. Founded in 1925, the company uses the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship to create furnishings that adhere to the highest ergonomic standards and are aesthetically pleasing as well. The furniture is backed by a manufacturer’s five-year quality guarantee.

Posture in Style desks are available in four attractive surface finishes. And there are no worries about the furniture going out of style, since every desk comes standard with seven different color accents that can be changed to reflect a child’s changing tastes. “So, if my daughter grows out of her ‘pink’ phase, we don’t have to worry about her wanting a whole new desk,” Lin explained.

The chairs are likewise available in a range of attractive motifs with changeable colors and patterns. In addition, the company recently launched design sets that attach to the tops and the sides of the desks to add a little bit of personalized décor. The initial offers include: Fantasy, Flowers, Hearts and Space.

Lin has gotten great feedback from parents who appreciate the fine craftsmanship and ergonomic features of the furniture, but his most satisfying testimonial comes from his own daughter, who is now 6 and has grown very attached to her desk over the last couple years. “She really loves it,” Lin reported. “She’ll say, ‘I’m going to my desk now.’ She’s really taken ownership.

For more information on Posture in Style, visit the company’s website.

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