Venetian Silk by DULUX has a soft, silky and painterly hand. Shown: Cashmere Clouds

Paints Create Works of Art

DULUX Paints Unveils Venetian Silk Paint Line

As the trend of self-expression continues to grow in home decor, DULUX® Paints has found a way to help you unleash your creativity and transform walls into one-of-a-kind masterpieces in two easy steps.

Venetian Silk provides fluid elegance to any room.
Featured is Lost and Found, a deep gray-blue.

The brand has announced the launch of Dulux VENETIAN SILK™ paint, an original paint product that delivers luxurious, elegant walls unique to each room.

Developed using innovative technology that enables users to infuse walls with visual depth and sophistication to match their personal taste, Dulux Venetian Silk paint is part of a new line called Dulux Effect Finishes. The line also includes Dulux LIQUID METAL™ paint, a unique product that adds fluid elegance to any room.

“You don’t need to be an artist to create a masterpiece with these products,” says Martin Tustin-Fuchs, Dulux Paints brand manager, explaining that the line is geared towards paint professionals, designers and do-it-yourselfers alike. “Our specially-selected palette of colors combined with a little imagination will deliver results so striking that, even if you don’t change anything else in the room, you will see a remarkable transformation in your decor.”

Dulux Venetian Silk paint produces the sensuous, silky, layered effect of Venetian plaster yet is easy to apply and smooth to the touch. Available in 40 striking, light-animating colors, it creates a distinctive multi-toned and luminous finish that adds unprecedented depth to walls. Applied in two steps, Dulux Venetian Silk products require a coat of specially-selected base color to be painted before two thin top coats of Dulux Venetian Silk paint are applied creatively, in different directions, using an applicator or plastic trowel.

Dulux Liquid Metal paint delivers sophisticated elegance to rooms by adding lustrous shimmer to walls, trim and furniture. Available in 32 light-reflecting colors infused with gold, silver, copper or bronze undertones, the finish takes on a smooth or mottled look depending on the application tool used.

Venetian Silk joins Liquid Metal in a new line,
Dulux Effect Finishes. Liquid Metal's light-
reflecting colors are infused with metallic tones.
Shown: Royal Pumpkin

As with the Dulux Venetian Silk line, Dulux Liquid Metal paint involves a two-step application process, requiring a coat of a specially-selected base color to be painted before two top coats of Dulux Liquid Metal paint are applied. “Reminiscent of a fluid, sparkling work of art, this illuminating, durable, color-rich texture delivers the ultimate finishing touch to any room,” Tustin-Fuchs says.

More information, how-to videos and retail locations can be found at or

Dulux Paints are available in more than 250 company-owned Dulux Paints and Bétonel/Dulux Paints stores and numerous authorized dealers across Canada, serving the consumer and professional markets. Produced in Canada, the Dulux brand offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality products and services. Dulux is a registered trademark of AkzoNobel and is licensed to PPG Architectural Coatings Canada, Inc., for use in Canada only.

Color Examples

Sample Dulux Venetian Silk Finishes:
Ballerina Tulle (90RB 27/121): Muted light-plum purple brushed with a soft, silky translucent haze.
Cashmere Clouds (20YY61/127): Warm, light almond topped with a silky dusting of sheer off-white.
Jetsetter (50BG19/144): Sturdy, adaptable teal blue energized with a satiny-blue topping.
Lost and Found (10BB14/116): Solid, deep gray-blue finished with a metallic turquoise and navy-gray veil.
Over the Edge (30YR12/122): Robust, warm cinnamon brown burnished with golden bronze.
Raindrops Wellies (10RB14/049): Foggy eggplant purple highlighted by a silver-lined, storm cloud-gray finish.
Strawberry Swirl (10YR24/245): Muddled medium gray-rose augmented by a faint satiny opalescence.

Dulux Venetian Silk and Liquid Metal

Sample Dulux Liquid Metal Finishes:
Gold Apple (20YY 38/225): Muted light caramel-beige enlivened by delicate gold dust.
Mellowcream (50YY 75/104): Warm, creamy light white subtly enhanced by a pearly glow
Reign Supreme (90RB 16/088): Quiet, dark gray-purple freshened with a silky, mauve veil.
Royal Pumpkin (70YR 19/432): Rich, earthy deep orange brightened by a dusting of copper.
Rush (70BG 16/209): Faded turquoise-sea blue energized with an iridescent blue sheen.
Third Place (10YY 08/093): Dark, rich chestnut brown burnished with aged bronze
Tunnel Vision (00NN 13/000): Foreboding deep brown-gray accented with a galvanized, cool topping.

Reign Supreme in the Liquid Metal collection is a dark gray-purple,
one of the 2017 forecasted colors.

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