Is there a vehicle parked sideways? This garage mural from Style-Your-Garage
at first glance might make you think so.

Garage Murals

Is that a jumbo jet in your garage? Or a view of the New York City skyline? Or a portal to the Tuscan countryside? Neighbors and passersby will begin to question their own eyes when they see one of the incredible photo-realistic murals from

Created by a German-based company, murals come in more than 250 designs plus sponsored designs from companies like Harley-Davidson and MINI.

Among the standard designs are: a racing car, a speedboat, an elephant, a stable of horses, a sandy beach and a golf course. Customized photo murals also are available, using customers' own digital images.

All garage billboards use hook-and-loop tape fasteners, making them easy to attach and remove. The murals are available for single-car garages, high-capacity garages and multiple-door garages, with prices starting as low as $139 for sponsored motifs, $189 for standard single-size billboards and $389 for high-capacity garages. (Shipping is extra.)

The company also offers murals for interior doors, with motifs depicting the entrance to a Western saloon, an elevator and a footbridge, at

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