Choosing Color is Top Paint Challenge

CIL brand launches ‘model home’ website to make process easier

CIL’s new online model home concept showcases paint colors in a
true-to-life setting, such as this bedroom featuring Desert
(78YR 39/593) by CIL paint.

When it comes to painting, applying paint to a wall is an easier task than choosing a color. That’s the finding of a country-wide survey of Canadian paint habits conducted by leading brand CIL® paint.

Forty-four percent of survey respondents pointed to color selection as the biggest challenge they associate with painting projects. This compares with 34 percent who cited preparation as their biggest obstacle.

The study also found that 36 percent of respondents said they rely on in-store assistance to select a color for their paint job. What’s more, CIL paint retailers report that even those who bring a fabric swatch or accessory from the room to be painted into the store still have trouble envisioning their completed paint projects.

In response to consumer demand, CIL paint has launched a new website ( that makes the paint selection process easier. Based on a “model home” concept, the website allows visitors to view dozens of room settings, each featuring a different wall color.

Unlike the traditional method of showcasing paints by color family, CIL paint presents its color palette by room—from bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens, living areas and dining rooms. Every room category features a wide range of photos, each with a different color backdrop.

“The idea of the model home concept is to showcase paint colors in a true-to-life setting,” says Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. “Just as people walk through a physical model home and get decorating ideas, so, too, can they navigate through the new CIL paint website and make more confident color and décor decisions,” she adds, explaining that test-user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

CIL’s new website has tools that allow users to choose
their favorite colors for different décor settings, upload
and virtually paint photos of their own rooms or bring
colors from any uploaded image into a room setting.

“Although people have relied on paint chips to help them make color selections for decades, it’s very difficult to envision how the chip they’re holding in the palm of their hand will look on the entire length of a wall,” Goldman says. “Now we’re saying to consumers, ‘Here’s an online library of room color options that makes it easy for you to  narrow your color choices from the comfort of your home, before you even step into a store to look at paint swatches.’ ”

The website has a visualizer tool that allows users to choose their favorite décor setting and try different CIL paint colors and color combinations in the room. It also lets users upload—and virtually paint—photos of their own rooms, or they can pull colors from any uploaded image and bring them into a room setting. A special site feature enables visitors to save their choices in a project folder and share them through social media channels to get input from family and friends.

According to the survey by CIL paint, the most popular rooms painted by Canadians last year were bedrooms (24 percent), living and family rooms (23 percent) and kitchens (22 percent).

CIL paints are sold at The Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Rona and independent paint stores. For more information and to view the model rooms, visit

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