Lauzon’s new Atlantis series reveals the new and exclusive Écho texture. This texture
enhances and gives life to the natural and delicate grain of the wood, lending floors
a subtle depth. Shown is Costa, Ambiance Collection, Atlantis Series, Beech, Pure Genius.

New Styles in Hardwood Floors Are 'Beachy'

Want to know what’s hot in hardwood flooring for 2016? Think peaceful, rippled sandy beaches, and you’ll be right on trend.

That’s the message of leading Canadian manufacturer Lauzon Flooring in unveiling a unique, eco-friendly hardwood flooring line, called Atlantis, which replicates the breathtaking beauty of the seashore in color, tone and texture.

“Flooring for 2016 is all about creating a soothing, relaxing environment in the home,” says Priscilla Bergeron, Lauzon communication manager. “After years of being technologically connected 24-7, more and more people are looking to unplug and get away from it all when they come home at the end of the day, and this is being reflected in their flooring choices.”

Lauzon’s new Atlantis line features a matte finish, combined with beautiful color variations and a subtle texture that feels like silky, smooth waves to the touch. Developed to meet consumer demand for a calming, back-to-basics getaway, the flooring’s unique "Echo" texture becomes more or less pronounced as the lighting in the room shifts, mimicking the changing beauty of a windswept beach.

“Why wait for vacation time to unwind, when you can recreate the look and feel of a magnificent sandy shore right in your own home?” Bergeron says.

Available in brown tones as well as light, soothing colors such as cream and blond, the new flooring is infused with Lauzon’s Pure Genius® air-purifying smart technology, a first-of-its-kind innovation in hardwood flooring that makes homes healthier. When activated by natural or artificial light as well as the movement of air, the flooring breaks down airborne toxins and significantly improves indoor air quality by up to 85 percent.


Texture is "in," as shown in this gorgeous roomsetting featuring Épic, Ambiance Collection,
Atlantis Series, Beech, Pure Genius.

According to Bergeron, there are three overriding trends in hardwood flooring for 2016:

Weathered look: Gone are the days of shiny, pristine hardwood flooring. The rustic, whitewashed look embedded with imperfections is all the rage, inspired by the movement towards natural, organic living.

Multi-tones: Previously trendy dark wood planks are being replaced by lighter natural and grey flooring with variation in tones. With a subtle pattern on each plank, multi-toned flooring adds charm and interest to any room.

Texture: From subtle to more pronounced textures, the new wood flooring has a touch of depth, as opposed to looking artificially smooth. Influenced by our three-dimensional technological world, sensory-rich textured flooring is infused with character.

Lauzon’s Atlantis Series flooring is available at specialty flooring retailers across North America. To further promote wellbeing, Lauzon has launched a fundraising campaign in support of the Canadian Cancer Society and invites the public to participate. For more information or to locate a dealer, visit

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