Time to Freshen Up Your Social Media?

The world of social media is changing literally every day. New platforms, new posting options, new promotional tools and new strategies make it a challenge for the busy professional to keep up. With so much new happening, it’s a good idea to review your social media regularly to see how you can improve your impact. Here is a roundup of what you should consider in freshening up your social media presence.

Are you on the right platforms?

For a while there, it was fine to have a presence on Facebook and be done with social media. Of course, you can still do that. Your personal page may be all you need to connect with friends and colleagues. But if you want to connect with customers, it’s a good idea to have a Facebook business page that you can invite your friends, customers and potential customers to “like.” Social media is all about reciprocity, so be sure to “like” your friends' business pages in return. Also, make sure you are part of the Facebook groups that connect you with great information and networking opportunities in the faux industry. Type some key words in the search bar at the top of your Facebook home page and then request to join the groups of your choice.

Pinterest and Instagram are also great platforms for the faux-finishing crowd. These are ways to share your great visuals with friends, colleagues and customers. Instagram is that “on-the-go” app that really keeps you connected as you take photos on job sites, industry conferences and elsewhere. And if you haven’t created a professional profile on Houzz, what are you waiting for? Houzz is the online community for interior design, decorating and home improvement professionals, so if ever there was a site designed with the decorative painting professional in mind, this is it. Listings for professionals are free, but there is also a Pro+ program that gives you additional visibility in your market, so check that out to see if it is worth your while.

Are you using your time productively?

You spend eight or more hours every day doing prep, painting, driving to jobs, driving from jobs, ordering product and managing your business, so you probably don’t have a lot of time to spare to do social media.

Here are a few ideas for being a productive social media manager:

  • Use scheduling tools such as HootSuiteTweetdeck and Buffer to schedule the posts in one centralized location. Plan out your posts once a week or once a month and schedule them to go live at regular intervals (i.e., once or twice a day). That way, you still have an active social media presence, even when you are busy working on a job. You can always send out additional posts whenever your time permits.
  • Make productive use of “down time." Even the busiest person is stuck in line somewhere. Post while waiting at the airport for a plane, for instance, or while waiting for your name to be called at Starbucks. I think we all know that typing while driving is a bad thing, right? But if you’re using Uber or public transportation, then post away!
  • Speech-to-text features may save you time, but always go back and proof-read before you post. Spell-check can make your post incomprehensible or in some unfortunate cases, even embarrassing!

Are you tying it all together?

While individual social media platforms may seem to live independently of each other, they are actually interconnected. You can connect your Twitter account to your Facebook profile, for instance. You also have the option of having your Pinterest posts appear on Facebook and/or Twitter. That way, you get a little more bang for your posting efforts. And if you have the same followers on those three platforms, that’s perfectly fine. Remember that adage of advertising—repetition, repetition, repetition. So, it really doesn’t hurt if your followers see your message more than once.

If you have a blog, promote each post with links from your social media. Also, make sure to include your social media icons on your blog page. It’s a round-robin effect. Use social media to build your blog traffic. Use your blog to build your social media followers, which in turn can help build your blog traffic even further.

Be sure to show consistency with your social media presence across the various platforms you use. Use the same logo, slogan, banner, profile descriptions and marketing message to build the brand you are trying to convey to your customers. Remember that social media has a purpose—to get the word out about your business. Consistency in tone and message are just as important in social media as they are in traditional advertising venues.