The IDAL Board of Directors recently met with Mark Golden of Golden Paints to brainstorm ideas
for moving the group forward. Pictured. from left, are: Renee Allarie, Rik Lazenby, Glenda Mosley,
Kathy Carroll, Cindy Andrews, Mark Golden, Lyna Farkas and Golden Artists' Lori Wilson.


Rik Lazenby Looks Forward

To a Bright Future for IDAL

by Tammy Adamson-McMullen

Rik Lazenby of Lazenby’s Decorative Arts Studio Inc. in Birmingham, Ala., has been thinking a lot these days about the future growth of the International Decorative Artisans League.

Rik joined IDAL for the networking and benefits the group affords and after a few years was nominated and elected to a position on the IDAL Board of Directors. Current IDAL President Glenda Mosley then appointed Rik to the position of vice president. “It’s been a privilege to be involved with IDAL and to be part of such great leadership,” Rik says.

As Rik looks forward to assuming the presidency later this year, there are broader goals he wants to help IDAL achieve, which echo the goals of the board. Those goals are twofold: to help IDAL form greater partnerships with the building industry and to build IDAL’s membership base, especially by adding younger members since, “The next generation of decorative artists is the lifeblood of our organization,” Rik states. “Both are challenging goals, but they need to be addressed if we are going to continue to be the leader in the decorative arts industry.”

Rik reports that he recently spent time with the IDAL Board of Directors in the mountains of New York State where they brainstormed ideas for moving the organization forward. The session was organized by Mark Golden of Golden Paints, who invited board members to participate in a strategic planning session to formulate a plan for the future. According to Rik, one of the themes that emerged from the session was relationship-building.

“One way we feel we can broaden the scope of IDAL is to team up with people within this and other industries,” Rik says, naming the paint and decorating, concrete and building industries as examples. The IDAL Board of Directors is looking to form strong connections with these groups in the future, he adds, noting that some of these plans will be revealed in September at the Paint Décor Expo.

Rik would like to see fine artists join IDAL, since there is
so much 
cross-over between the two art forms. Rik also
is a fine artist 
and tends to works these days in mixed media.

Some of IDAL’s relationship-building already is evident. The group recently announced that it will partner with the Concrete Décor Show at Paint Décor Expo, slated for Sept. 25 through 29. The event will feature the IDAL educational component that members have come to appreciate with all of the accoutrements the Concrete Décor Show has to offer, including exhibits from well-known brands in decorative concrete and big-name speakers. “So we will keep our own identities but will complement one another. This event should be very synergistic,” Rik states.

The IDAL Board also is considering creative ways to build membership. Rik believes that new members might be found not only among active decorative painters but also from retirees. Another member group might be found from those who aspire into the profession.

“I want to see us partner with all of these people,” Rik states. “I want this to be the type of organization in which members feel relevant and comfortable and embrace positive change for the coming decades.”

Last but not least, Rik would like to see fine arts people involved in IDAL. Rik, who also is an accomplished fine artist (see article, “A Passion for Art”), believes there is a connection that decorative artists can make with fine artists since there is so much cross-over between the two.

Rik says he believes every member of the IDAL Board of Directors is a “giver” and is serving for the good of the decorative arts industry.

“I am blessed to be working with some of the industry greats on the Board and, without them, I would have no chance of success,” Rik states. “We have a huge task ahead of us but, by developing relationships, we will succeed. I certainly encourage every decorative artist in America and across the globe to join with IDAL as we set our goals for the future.”