Trend #7: A Timeless Sense of Color

StuccoLux from Faux Effects International Inc.

Leading manufacturers have identified their 2016 Colors of the Year, with Benjamin Moore favoring Simply White as its hue of choice. Variations on white appear prominently in some other color forecasts, with soft pastels being another major direction as evidenced by Pantone’s dual choice of Serenity and Rose Quartz denoted as a “softer take” on color.

A trend toward whites is definitely among those being featured in the decorative painting field. At Crescent Bronze, Spurlock and Krapfl report, “Our diamond-like whites have been very popular this season, and our full range of grays—from the darkest pewter and steel gray to softer shades like our Old English Pewter—have been top sellers as well.”

Trending colors are featured in Crescent Bronze’s new special effects line called “Fire & Ice,” available in four hues: Diamond Ice, Golden Ice, Ruby Ice and Sapphire Ice. “These jewel-tone, high-sparkle colors are making an impact in settings as diverse as sports franchises and automotive dealerships,” Spurlock and Krapfl report. “We are just about to introduce a new color card for 2016 which will include the Fire & Ice series.” (A new color card featuring the Fire & Ice series is available at the Crescent Bronze website.

However, keep in mind that classic colors, like classic songs, will never go away. Color selection essentially will depend upon the mood you are trying to achieve. For that reason, companies like Crescent Bronze strive for a sense of timelessness in their color array, as Spurlock and Krapfl report. “Our color options run the gamut of classical elegance to modern luxe. We offer traditional gold, copper and bronze options as well as edgy contemporary silvers and grays and soft neutrals and sparkling whites. The versatility of our color options makes us relevant to artisans specializing in restoration work as well as designers and architects setting current trends.”