Trend #6: Urban Looks

Bronx Effect from Metropolis® Paints for Lifestyle by IVAS

The popularity of metallics plays right into another trend: the urban look. Among the products designed for that look are Metropolis® Paints for Lifestyle by IVAS ( In this brand, created by Filippo Colonna, you’ll find the merging of European artistic traditions with sleek and modern minimalist style. "Urban Effects like Bronx use iconic images blended with typically Old World lime plasters and effects in an entirely unique contemporary fashion,” explains Ed Mattingly, the North America director of sales and marketing for the brand.

Mattingly describes the Metropolis product line as being unique in the industry. “We have incredible metallics, acrylic Venetian plaster and metallic plasters. We also have industry-best textural products like Factor; true lime plasters like Old Time Max and Old Time Finish; a blended matte plaster called Canova; (and) unique metallics like our new release Fato, which includes a true red base metallic.” The newest addition to the line is Metro Glaze, a low-VOC long open-time glaze, which Mattingly touts for its exceptional performance.

Spurlock & Krapfl see the metallics in the Crescent Bronze lineup as well-suited to the urban trend. “Metallics are a bang-on trend on the world’s runways at the moment, and architects are designing for the rising Generation X-ers and millennials, who are choosing a predominantly urban lifestyle,” they say. “The young movers and shakers are settling in the heart of the cities of America rather than out in the bedroom communities surrounding those metropolitan areas. They live in apartments and condominiums, frequent trendy (non-franchised) restaurants and nightspots, work in reclaimed, re-designed old buildings, work out in high-tech spas and are loyal to hair stylists working in state-of-the-art salons.”

Reclaiming and sustaining those urban spaces has created opportunities for decorative painters, the Crescent Bronze duo adds. “Restaurants, nightclubs, spas and salons have either kept pace with stylistic trends to draw and retain their customers or disappeared from the scene. From our perspective, some of the most creative architecturally based work is being done for small shop settings—boutiques, salons and cozy bistro settings.”