Trend #5: The Look of Nature

The look of natural wood. Project by: Gary Lord, Prismatic Painting Studio

Faux finishing—the term and the profession—originally came into being because of the desire to replicate beautiful natural surfaces such as wood grains, marble, malachite and more without expending the money for the real thing. While decorative painting has gone in many different directions, there is a sense that 2016 will bring some “back-to-basics” sensibility to the industry.

“There is a large resurgence of imitating real woods or stones, often times at a fraction of the cost of natural materials,” Lord acknowledges.


The look of minerals created using Modern Masters Inc. Venetian Plaster. Project by: Caroline Lizarraga

“The most popular trends we are seeing in finishing these days are more organic in nature,” Sandor-VanHouten agrees. “Neutral colors with dark neutral accents are very desirable: the use of browns/beige, greens and grays with an accent of navy, for example; colors that create a sense of peace and calm in one’s home to make it a comfortable and relaxing ‘haven’; and bringing a sense of the outdoors in! Natural stone-like textures with a little sparkle or shimmer also have their place.”

Garay describes the look of minerals as a major haute finish right now. “Agate, onyx and more unusual mineral surfaces provide a gorgeous, updated technique for finishers to offer,” she says.