Trend #2: Shimmer and Shine

LusterStone from Faux Effects International Inc.

The emergence of understated finishes does not mean that surfaces are becoming less elegant, rich or sophisticated. There is still plenty of richness, courtesy of metallic paints and plasters.

This trend is reflected in the shimmer-like products that are selling well at Faux Effects. As Sandor-VanHouten describes, “Hot sellers for us include our tried-and-true LusterStone® metallic plaster, which offers a plethora of finish options with numerous neutral color options as well.”

The "glam shimmer" trend is exemplified here by Modern Masters' Metallic Paint. Project by: Decorative & Faux Finishes.

Other popular Faux Effects products include MicaFlakes™ and MicaPowders™, used to create natural sparkle, and NuVilla plaster, featuring three new metallic colors to add shimmer to a project.

Regina Garay, speaking on behalf of Modern Masters Inc., labels this trend toward shinier surfaces as “glam shimmer.” She elaborates: “Mixing metals and the use of warm metals (especially coppers and golds) in a design scheme has been trending this year and doesn't look to stop anytime soon. Metallic paints, foils, plasters and shimmery products lead the way in finishes.”

The use of patina is another way that artists are adding a glow to surfaces. “The look of time-worn patinas is so popular right now," Garay reports, "with uses as varied as furniture finishes, decor accents such as a light fixture or as a decorative finishing layer."



NuVilla Metallic from Faux Effects International Inc.