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With the theme “Unmasking the Vision,” this year’s convention of the International Decorative Artisans League will have some surprises. The biggest? The convention’s collaboration with the Concrete Décor Show.

Scheduled for Sept. 25 through 29 in San Diego, IDAL’s Paint Décor Expo will pair with the concrete side of the industry for the first time. Concrete Décor Show, now in its seventh year, is home to the largest focused gathering of decorative concrete professionals from around the world and features concrete-related exhibitors, workshops and seminars, demonstrations and more. 

“We were looking to network with the right kind of organization in the industry. We wanted to reach out to builders, architects, designers and other artists,” says Glenda Mosley, IDAL president. “And because they attend the Concrete Décor Show event, it was a chance for us to be in front of them and to help them understand the type of work we do.”

Decorative painters will be able to choose from a variety of seminars and workshops being sponsored by the Concrete Décor Show. The opposite also is true. Glenda expects that Concrete Décor Show attendees likely will attend Paint Décor Expo events as well, “so there will be a crossover.”

The decorative art and concrete sides also will co-mingle on a philanthropic project in refreshing Bannister House, a local nonprofit that supports out-of-town families of patients in the UC San Diego Health System. Led by top instructors in both fields of study, IDAL students will enhance the interior of Bannister House while Concrete Décor Show students will enhance the exterior.

As usual, Paint Décor Expo will feature a wide range of workshops, which will take off in interesting directions at times. Topics range from bas reliefs, lime plasters and classic fresco painting to reactive art techniques, glass bead finishes and new mica concepts. “So we’ll have traditional stuff but some new stuff, too,” Glenda says.

Other not-to-be-missed events include an address by Crista Cloutier, internationally known artist, writer and founder of The Working Artist; an open house, courtesy of Melanie Royals, at her Royal Designs Studio; a mask-themed auction; contests; and more. For full details of Paint Décor Expo, click here; for Concrete Décor Expo, click here.