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What a thrill it must be to have your work catch the eye of one of the greatest authors of all time. Decorative artist Jesse Ganteaume painted an authentic-looking costume that garnered such a reaction from George R.R Martin, author of A Song of Fire and Ice. This epic book series is the basis for a little TV show you might have heard of: HBO's "Game of Thrones."

Jesse's pal, Chris Franklin, was planning on attending the 2014 ConCarolinas, for which Martin had been announced as the star attraction. Chris molded a replica of the Kingsguard armor used in the TV series, but he needed someone to paint it. That's when Jesse got involved, using a combination of trompe l'oeil, antiquing and gold-leafing to give the armor it's authentic look.

Chris wore the armor to ConCarolinas, where he came face-to-face with his idol. "George R.R. Martin saw my friend wearing the armor, called him over, and they actually hung out a bit," Jesse reports. A photographer for The New York Times actually snapped a photo of this memorable meeting, with Chris looks like the protector of his literary idol.

This reaction to his work went way beyond what Jesse could have hoped for, and it's encouraged him to continue working on replica costumes and props inspired by other TV shows, such as The History Channel's "Vikings." Though he makes his living as a professional decorative painter, he sees this type of work as being a nice sideline. As he puts it, "It's great to be able to use my craft do do something I really enjoy."

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