Sico paint brand's color of the year, Mozart, is a rich, calming and versatile purple.

2017: Mid-Tones that Reflect the Seasons

By Tammy Adamson-McMullen

Wintery grays and whites, spring floral colors, summery blues and greens, and autumnal spice tones are all forecasted in next year’s home decorating palette. So pick a season and enjoy, say home decorating experts, who note that next year’s color trends will reflect natural landscapes and the way each individual is inspired by them.

Next year’s palette is so seasonally inspired that SICO® paint has categorized its 2017 paint colors accordingly.

Metallics play a big part in next year's color palette, as shown in
Contempo Scroll," one of the patterns in the Ronald Redding
Legacy collection from York Wallcoverings.

“From wintery rich purple and slate to spring-like nature-based mid-tones to saturated summery lights to autumnal reds, yellows and greens, the colors trending for 2017 are reflective of both the changing landscape and people’s increased desire for change and empowerment in today’s non-stop world,” says Geneviève Paiement, SICO® paint brand manager.

“Everyone has a favorite season,” she continues, “and by grouping our 2017 colors according to time of year, we are making it easy for fashion-minded consumers to capture a seasonal look they like and to express their passion through their décor.”

Regardless of your seasonal preference, the most popular colors will be mid-tones—nothing too light or too bright—and will include colors with metallic influences. But even the metallics will have a soft hand that brings a sense of serenity to home décor.

“The colors for 2017 are mellow but with more pigment than the pastel-like hues of (2016), emitting a warm, rich feel,” says Alison Goldman, CIL® paint brand manager.

“Think clean, minimalistic décor,” she adds, explaining that next year’s palette is a result of consumer desire for simplicity as well as an antidote to the “ever-growing complexity of life.”

Dulux Liquid Metal brings the latest technologies to the wall
and Tunnel Vision, the stormy color shown here,
brings the latest
color trends.

While earth tones will predominate, make no mistake: Forecasted colors are not the earth tones of yesteryear but stunning and often complex hues that draw on the latest technologies. And, depending on the product, many have interesting textures as well.

An example is Venetian Silk from DULUX® paints. Part of the Dulux Effect Finishes line, Venetian Silk produces a silky, layered effect and comes in a range of sophisticated earth tones, from Raindrops Wellies (a foggy eggplant purple with a gray finish) to Crystal Carat (a medium blush taupe with a cool-white sheer veil) to Strawberry Swirl (a muddled gray-rose with a faint satiny opalescence).

Also in the line is Dulux Liquid Metal™, which offers a lustrous, shimmery finish. Colors here include Gold Apple (a muted caramel-beige with a delicate gold dusting), Mellowcream (a warm, creamy white with a pearly glow) and Superior Sunset (a saturated spicy orange with a sparkly glow).

Both products allow homeowners to reflect the colors and sheens of Mother Nature as well as their own individual style. 
“You don’t need to be an artist to create a masterpiece with these products,” affirms Martin Tustin-Fuchs, Dulux brand manager. “Our specially selected palette of colors combined with a little imagination will deliver results so striking that, even if you don’t change anything else in the room, you will see a remarkable transformation in your décor.”

Imagination, as it turns out, plays a big part in the emerging palette.

“One of the things that we saw this year was a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in context that was different than the traditional,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Eiseman says to watch for such colors as PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow to PANTONE 18-0107 Kale and PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise (a watery blue) to be used in playful yet thoughtful and precise combinations.

Another look at Sico's Mozart paint color, part of the
seasonal palette.


Topping this seasonal palette of mid-tones is purple. Color experts are nearly unanimous in reporting that the color palette next year will include a range of mid-tone purples, in tones that call to mind florals, deserts and stormy skies.

Sico has named a color called “Mozart” as the brand’s Color of the Year. The color, which can be adapted to any room, is a blue-gray violet that blends with many other colors. Pair it with neutrals and white for a more spring-like or summery look, or with onyx or grayed greens for a wintery or autumnal feeling.

PPG’s purple pick is Violet Verbena. Pairing well with grays, browns, greens and deep blue, the shade is versatile and works well in any room, says Valerie Jager, PPG associate marketing manager. In general, “The grounded, nature-inspired colors of 2017 visually deliver a sense of protection and help calm, the body, mind and soul,” she says.

But there are plenty of other earth-inspired colors to watch for as well. Listing them by season, Sico says to watch for:


Basalt Gray Slate
Black Ice
Winter is marked by grays and blacks used as accents on feature walls, behind a bookcase or painted on furniture, often paired with a grayed-off purple to create a striking sophisticated look.


Taos Stone
New Jeans Blue
Spring mid-tones are more saturated and nature-infused than last year’s popular pastels and work well in both country and contemporary settings.

Almond Biscotti
Bright Sky mauve
Pure White
Light and airy, these tones bring freshness to décor and can be warmed up with coffee brown or cooled down with blue-green or gray.

Sun-Dried Orange
Moldavite Olive
Fiery and passion-infused, these shades bring out the best of stone and wood floors.

And what about white, the most versatile of colors?

In the last few years, white this has seen a rise in home décor and commercial spaces. In fact, Benjamin Moore Co. chose Simply White as its top pick this year, noting that white never goes out of style.

A popular look? White doors and trim combined with mid-tone painted walls and darker wooden floors (and one that you’ll see frequently on decorating shows on HGTV). In general, expect to see white in winter-inspired décors but also as a highlight within many other color schemes as well.

Organic takes center stage with "Ginko," a pattern found in
Redding's Organic Cork Prints collection from York


Carol Miller, marketing manager for York Wallcoverings, also sees four major color trends on the rise but has spelled them out in a slightly different way. Miller says to watch for:

The Unexpected Classic—This collection is a classic revival in unexpected color. “Keep an eye on navy as a new neutral with persimmon pops and bright yellow on the rise,” Miller says.

Mixed Metals—Miller agrees that metallic remain strong, “enhanced with eclectic mixed media materials and new technologies that bend all the rules,” she explains.

Organic Jewels—“Organic specialties and patterns dressed in atypical colors and opalescent washes bring fashion forward for yet another round of natural that’s anything but neutral,” Miller says in explaining this trend, adding, “Cork is the way to go!”

Escapism and the Mural—Murals take center stage in this trend and are popping up in all types of home décor. The ideal place for a mural? “That little hideaway nook where you can escape to nature and get away from it all,” says Miller, “as defined by the ultimate accent wall.”

Another emerging trend brings colorful murals front and center next year. Shown: "Georgia"
from York Wallcoverings'  
Urban Chic collection.

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