This York wallpaper from Ronald Redding's "Medley" collection features the look of lotus leaves,
indicative of a trend toward the use of natural wallpaper.



The Natural Look of Wallpaper

Want to bring the look of nature into your home? There’s no better product than wallpaper for accomplishing that goal. Natural looks like grasscloth, sisal and cork are major trends in wallpaper, says Gina Shaw, vice president of product development at York Wallcoverings.

“One of newest looks is made from lotus leaves,” Shaw says. “We’ve included it Ronald Redding’s ‘Medley’ collection. The lotus leaves are crushed and crackled to make a striated effect. It’s very natural, almost like a piece a planked wood. Anything natural and earthy like that is very, very big.”

A closeup of the "Lotus" pattern from the "Medley" collection.

The colorways available in York’s newest collections reflect this trend toward nature. Shaw cites such colors as taupes, grays and bright whites as well as various blues ranging from dramatic indigo and cobalt to light shades such as turquoise and hues that evoke a Caribbean sea. Wallpaper also features more passionate colors like orange and yellow as well as the opulence of metallic touches like silver and gold.

One of wallpaper’s many attributes is the ability to bring art to the wall, such as in the case of large-scale murals that have the appearance of a realistic painting. From York’s “Mural Portfolio II” collection, for example, you can create a feature wall showcasing the painterly look of a Parisian café or a Mediterranean seaside resort.

The draw of well-known designers is another trend that York addresses. Well-known names such as Candice Olson and HGTV “Fixer-Upper” star Joanna Gaines bring designer panache and celebrity appeal to York’s wallpaper line-up.

“A name celebrity or home décor person can add credibility and give consumers a desire to have that product,” Shaw observes.

Additional Trends

Dimensional looks are another popular look with wallpaper, which Shaw reports is achieved with the use of raised inks and tactile effects. “We’re also seeing men’s wear, whimsical and novelty patterns,” she says.

Shaw cites a pattern featuring the historic Gibson Girls from the new “Risky Business II” collection as being indicative of that whimsical, novelty trend. Another fun selection from that same collection is “Smooches,” which features an entire sidewall of lipstick kisses. Other examples of novelty patterns in York wallpaper collections include an historic newsprint pattern from “American Classics” and a depiction of New York architecture in “Urban Chic.”

Wallpaper as art is another trend in wallpaper. Shown here is "Georgia," a mural pattern from York's
"Urban Chic."

Heightened Consumer Appeal

With so many options available, wallpaper is starting to increase its appeal with consumers. Designers paved the way by using it commercial spaces, which has caught the attention of the younger demographic. “Younger people are seeing wallpaper in hospitality and other areas as they travel, and it helps them recognize the possibility of using wallpaper in their own homes,” Shaw reports.

Shaw adds that new advancements in printing techniques have given wallpaper a new modern edge that is replacing outdated notions of what wallpaper used to be. “There are new techniques and new patterns,” she says. “It doesn’t look like an old-fashioned product.

"Smooches" from York's "Risky Business II" exemplifies the
novelty trend.

Additional technological advancements have improved the hanging and removal process, making the prospect of using wallpaper a more user-friendly experience. At York specifically, the proprietary SureStrip technology makes wallpaper usage easier than it’s ever been. “It’s a better way of installing and removing,” Shaw says. “It’s prepasted and comes with a spray bottle, which makes hanging easier and less messy. And when you’re ready to take it down, you use the spray bottle to moisten the wallpaper, and it comes down easily.”

With a diversity of patterns and cutting-edge technology, wallpaper is experiencing newfound appeal among consumers. As Shaw explains, “Wallpaper is a fashion statement. It allows you to personalize your style. Color is back, pattern is back. What better way to use it than on the wall?”

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